Curriculum Content
-Biblical Studies: We not only experience a daily "Jesus Time", but Christian instruction is integrated in all curriculum areas and play. Our curriculum, Faith Alive emphasizes the child’s relationship to God, to others, and to his/her world. The holidays, Christmas and Easter, are very significant. Through the use of flannel graph, vinyl graph, puppets, other visual, and dramatization, the Bible stories come alive for the children. We daily sing and pray to our Savior and Friend, Jesus, who always loves and forgives us.

-Language Arts: The children are introduced to pre-reading skills some of which include, book handling skills, left to right progression, listening and auditory skills, introduction to predictions, vocabulary development, as well as speaking and verbalization. Students will work on name recognition as a goal and writing their name. The letters of the alphabet will also be introduced and focused on in a variety of activities such as finding items from home with that letter. The Christian faith is integrated throughout various Christian stories that are read, and through rhythm and rhyme songs and finger plays. During the holidays we specifically focus on the Christmas and Easter story.

-Science: This class uses their five senses to discover and explore God’s creation. They will participate in weather and seasonal change activities when giving data for our weather chart. The students will contribute to a daily graph by answering a question and reviewing that question daily. Participation in cooking experiments will introduce preparing foods and healthy eating as well as changes in forms of food. This class will focus on classifying all kinds of animals such as zoo, farm, water, and pets. Growth of seeds and participation of this helps the students learn how to take care of God’s earth. We encourage the children to explore and examine the world that God has given to us. We focus on the point that everything in creation was created by God and that God wants us to take care of His earth.

-Music: Music is a part of their daily routine in preschool to be used to communicate and learn about each other. We use music in the classroom to praise God, get to know each other, prepare the children during transition time, giving directions, quieting groups, developing gross motor skills, auditory perception, cognitive skills, and listening skills. Different ways we use music is through gross motor games, instruments using rhythm, actions, finger plays, singing, and action songs. We use Christian based songs and finger plays to teach the children. They learn about God’s love and people in the bible through song.

-Art: The students will use a variety of materials to encourage the students to express themselves and feel encouraged and accomplished by their work. The materials we use include, but are not limited to tempera paints, finger paints, water colors, play dough, paper, collage materials, colored tissue paper, yarn, cloth, glue, sponges, crayons, and markers. Art will develop fine motor skills, creativity in the children and learning skills. We encourage the children to experiment and express themselves rather than making something look a certain way. The children will create Christmas booklets that help them remember the story of Christmas and how Jesus came to earth as a baby.

-Mathematics: This class will focus on pre-math skills which will be integrated throughout their play as well as large and small group time. These skills include one to one correspondence, sorting and classifying various objects, simple measurement of standard items (rulers), measurement of nonstandard items (stuffed animals or things in the room), comparison, identification of shapes, and development of simple patterns. Rote counting to ten (10) and sets 1-10, and recognition of numerals 1-10 will be introduced. Participation in graphing and introduction to reading graphs will be introduced and done daily. God gave us everything that we have, including things we can count and the shapes that we see around us. The children will learn how to use math to count and thank God for the things that He has given to us.

-Social Studies: We help the children understand their world and those in it through experiences and understanding. They will learn to follow basic rules and communicate with their classmates. They will learn the value of family, church, community helpers, how to stay healthy, safety habits, fire safety, good manners, and how to communicate with adults and peers. We also stress and talk about feelings and emotions, taking turns, growth, holidays, and sharing. Learning how to be good friends, important members of our community, and the value of church in our lives will integrate the Christian faith through our social world. We learn to love and care for one another. Loving someone means telling them how much Jesus loves them.

-Phys-Ed (fine motor): The children will be able to continue developing their fine motor skills both during playtime and their small group time. During playtime they will participate in an art project in which they will work on holding crayons, paint brushes and other mediums properly. They will practice and be encouraged to work on forming the capital letters of their first name.

-Phys-Ed (gross motor): The children will be able to develop and enhance their gross motor coordination through games and activities in large groups which focus on large muscle coordination. This will often be done with manipulatives and music. These games will help them develop body awareness, control, image, and body/space relationships. Children will learn to not only eat right, but to be physically active in order to keep their bodies healthy. God has given us our bodies and wants us to take care of them by keeping them healthy.